Six of the Best Touchscreen Mobile Phones

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LG Cookie KP500 Touch Screen Mobile Phone

LG Cookie touch screen mobile phone is the newest addition to a rapidly growing range of touch screen mobile phones from LG. Build for the young and aspiring crowd, LG cookie KP500 aims to provide touch screen functionality at budget price. Sleek and sturdy, the LG cookie touch screen phone not only provides great features but also manages to give excellent usability at its price.

Measuring 106.5x55.4x11.9mm and weighting just 89 grams, LG cookie is not only a slim and lite touch screen phone, but also feels good to hold in your hand. Featuring a 3 inch touch screen with 240x400 pixels resolution, LG Cookie can accommodate all your documents, pictures as well as videos in its More... »

HTC FUZE Touch Screen Mobile Phone

By combining a range of class leading features and a classy design, HTC has launched a new contender in the mobile phone market – The HTC FUZE touch screen mobile phone. Loaded with a 3.2 Megapixel camera and the capability to capture images as well as videos, HTC FUZE measures 102x51x18 mm and weights 165 grams. Although it is definitely heavier than some touch screen mobile phones available in the market, it cannot be called the heaviest. A good point about being a heavy bodied mobile phone is that it feels sturdy and robust in hands.

Sporting a stylish PDA design the all new HTC FUZE can surely win a beauty pageant with its shiny black looks. With a 2.8 inch touch screen and 408x640 resolution HTC FUZE performs magnificently with images. A 3D user interface that not only compliments the touch screen technology but also makes it easier to More... »

Samsung F480 Tocco Touch Phone

A compact touch screen phone with metallic touches, Samsung F480 Tocco is a phone that not only impresses the fashion conscious but also gets a nod from the gadget frenzy crowd. Fitting easily in your palm, the F480 Tocco looks like the earlier launched Samsung Armani. Having smart looks, Samsung F480 Tocco can also refit your battery cover and change its look from leather to non-leather look.

Having the right colour and contrast ratio, the Samsung F480 Tocco touch screen phone sports a 2.8 inch QVGA screen that provides vibrant colours and enough screen space for any image. Featuring the haptic feedback interface, you can use Samsung F480 to include useful widgets running on your desktop screen. While it is a windows operating system based mobile phone, Samsung F480 touch screen phone has More... »

Nokia N97 Touch screen mobile phone

Nokia, a global mobile phone manufacturer has launched its recent entrant in the already successful N-Series range of mobile phones – The N97 touch screen mobile phone. Both elegant and suave, the all new, Nokia N-97 speaks a decent amalgamation of unique design, innovative features and user friendliness that only a Nokia product can provide. Right from its looks to the useful utilities it features, Nokia N-97 has an aura of completeness that is seen in very less number of mobiles today.

While slow browsing and bulky user interface is the problem faced by many touch screen mobile phones, Nokia N-97 makes you feel what responsive touch screen experience should feel like. Certainly not a small touch screen phone, Nokia N-97 measures 117x55x16 mm and weights 150 grams. Round edges and a More... »

LG Arena Touch screen Mobile Phone

Officially called LG-KM900, the LG Arena touch screen mobile phone is a device that promises to deliver a deadly combination of stunning looks and innovative features. Building upon its reputation of producing a stellar line-up of touch screen mobile phones, LG has yet again created a mobile phone that will allow you to create magic with your fingers. Using a minimalistic approach for buttons on its front panel, LG Arena touch screen mobile phone combines excellent features with it round edged looks to deliver extreme user friendless and minimum handling issues.

Sporting a 3 inch touch screen that has a resolution of 800x480, LG Arena mobile phone is capable enough to deliver colour images every time you switch it on. Whether it is movies or pictures that you have clicked, the vibrant screen of LG Arena contains enough pixels to give you a near perfect image on your mobile phone.

To give you an experience of a lifetime, LG Arena supports More... »

HTC Touch Pro 2 Touch Screen Mobile Phone

To hold a tight grip on the ever growing touch screen market, HTC has unveiled HTC Touch Pro 2 touch screen mobile phone at the world mobile congress held recently. Catering to the business users, HTC touch 2 pro has a bevy of features that take it miles ahead of the competition. An advancement of the hugely successful HTC Touch Pro, this phone sports a large touch screen, side sliding QWERTY keypad, windows mobile 6.1 and A-GPS. With lots of advanced features and slick looks, HTC Touch Pro 2 Touch Screen Mobile Phone seems to be a potent mix of stunning style, superior design and innovative features.

Featuring a 3.6 inch touch screen with 800x480 pixel resolution, HTC touch Pro 2 measures a 116x59x17mm and weights 175 grams. While being big has its own disadvantages, its advantages for the More... »

Samsung Blue Earth Eco Touch Screen Smartphone

If saving the environment is what you want to do, why not start it with a touch screen mobile phone like Samsung Blue Earth Eco touch screen Smartphone. Build to save the earth; the Samsung Blue Earth touch screen Smartphone will always remind you to care about nature with your actions. Not only is it a smart looking, it is quite advanced too. As innovative as it gets, the Samsung Blue Earth combines eco-friendly design with innovative engineering to provide something that will set benchmarks for the touch screen mobiles to come.

How is Samsung Blue Earth Eco able to save our planet? Every inch of this touch screen phone is made from More... »

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Touch screen Phone

Attention all future mobile phone buyers, the long awaited touch screen phone has finally arrived! After looking at what this beauty could do, you may want to reconsider your choice for that gorgeous phone you always wanted to buy. Nicknamed ‘The tube’, this all new touch screen wonder is not only feature rich; it also has the capability to make your friends drool over its shiny looks and elegant styling.

Undoubtedly a leader in the mobile phone market, Nokia seemed to lag behind in the touch screen race which every mobile phone manufacturer is so eager to win. Doing what it does best, Nokia’s answer to a touch screen multimedia mobile phone came in the form of More... »

LG Vu Touch screen mobile phone

If super gorgeous looks and innovative features is what you want in your mobile, then the LG Vu touch screen mobile phone would be the right gadget to fit your criteria. With a series of successful touch screen offerings under its belt, the electronics major has been had enough experience before giving LG Vu the right set of genes. Features like elegant design, light weight, HSDPA speeds and a 3-inch screen with haptic feedback can set it among the race for the best touch screen phone available in the market.

Taking its traits from LG PRADA, the new LG Vu touch screen phone has rounded edges and is bigger than the PRADA. Measuring just 108x55x13 mm in dimensions and weighting 94 grams, thanks to its all-plastic casing, the LG Vu touch screen mobile phone is surprisingly a light gadget. Although its shiny look is what sets it apart, it is one of the main reasons why you will need to protect your eye candy from fingerprint smudges.

Unlike other touch screen mobile phones available in the market, More... »